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Trouble early/planes, trains and automobiles

So day 1 is off to a rough start. While preparing to leave for the train station for the 1st leg of a long journey, I received an email that my EasyJet flight from Paris to Biarritz was canceled. I was calm, cool and collected at first since I was a little concerned anyway that we wouldn't have enough time between flights to get through customs, get our luggage, recheck our bags and go through security again. My state of calm evaporated quickly when I realized that there were no other available flights to Biarritz and all of the trains to SJPP were full.

So, in the hour that I spent in the train station, I researched options and booked us all on a flight to Bordeaux and then a train to SJPP. I canceled the taxi service from the Biarritz airport that I booked through the travel company we used and was told "too bad, so sad, we are keeping your money." I'm paraphrasing here.

My train trip was less than ideal. We arrived an hour and half late due to "issues" which later were revealed to be wires on the track. By the time I got off the train and waited for the shuttle to the hotel it was 7:15 and I was supposed to meet Eric (my oldest son) at a restaurant in Jersey City. We did finally get there after Uber/Lyft hell (I had to tap into my inner Jersey girl a few times) and it was a very long day but all worth it to see my boy for an hour or so!

At any rate, it was all fine in the end and I'll get a good nights sleep and get ready for 24 hours straight of travel, leaving Newark at 6:30 and (hopefully) arriving in St Jean Pied de Port at 7:30 ish on Friday.

Traveling is not for the faint of heart, but the lasting memories are worth every moment of inconvenience. At least that is what I will keep telling myself!!

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