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The last mile is the hardest part 2, or Why do they hate us?

We have entered a very challenging part of our journey. Yesterday we walked 21.6 miles, and as we got close to our hotel, we were faced with climbing a fairly large set of steps (see photo below). All we could do at that point (after mumbling a few profanities) was laugh. About half a mile before that, we had to walk along a very bizarre, roller coaster type bridge that seemed unnessarily complicated, which is where I first wondered "why do they hate us?" They being the locals and/or the company that booked our trip. A sweet Italian girl we met early on the Camino declared "they like to make us suffer!"

Further evidence of this is that tomorrow we have another 20-mile hike that includes an ascent of about 4900 feet and an even steeper descent, followed by 2 more days of 15+ miles each day. I don't think our booking company made note of our dates of birth! The look on the faces of other pilgrims we talk to when discussing where we are going each day is priceless and is contributing to my sense of panic! I'm sure we'll be fine, right? RIGHT??

On the upside (there is always an upside) today was a wonderful 12-mile walk through beautiful countryside with gorgeous weather! And the best part of all, our hotel offered food ANY TIME YOU WANT UNTIL 9:00!!!! Totally unheard of in Spain! So, like the old people we are (and the tired pilgrims we are) we ate at 5:00. It may surprise you to know that we were the only ones there! Another plus is I'm starting to master switching to English on the tiny TVs in our hotel rooms. Each one is different and there isn't much to watch but I enjoy the challenge.

It really is the little things that keep us going!

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