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The last mile is always the hardest

We arrived in Pamplona today after a 13+ mile hike. So far we've walked close to 50 miles in three days. This journey is definitely not for the faint of heart. I knew it would be hard, but I don't think I fully appreciated how hard it would be.

Today's hike was the easiest so far, and the weather was perfect. The one difficult thing about it was that there were no open cafes or shops along the way and none of the ever-promised water fountains. There were also no bathrooms. One nice gentleman very kindly listed all of the places in the next 2 hours that I would pass that would not allow me to use the bathroom. Not really helpful! We did stop just outside of Pamplona for lunch and had what seemed to be an omelette with ham and cheese and I want to say, custard? Not very appetizing.

Speaking of the food here, we have noticed that Europeans REALLY like ham. I mean, they literally put it in/on everything and they even have ham flavored potato chips. It's only day 5 here and if I never eat another ham sandwich again I would be ecstatic.

We had to dodge a fast moving car on a narrow bridge and all I could think was, if I'm going to die on the Camino I want it to be a uniquely European experience. I can get hit by a car in the US. Falling off a church tower would be appropriate, or maybe choking on a piece of ham.

It's 7 pm here and so time for bed!

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