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Halfway there!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Yesterday we arrived in Sahuagun which officially marks the halfway point, though technically we are more than half way. We received our official "half way" certificates and we couldn't be prouder!

We have been very fortunate with the weather. Aside from the two hours of rain we endured last week and a couple of windy days it has been very nice. I'm not sure our luck will hold out until we reach Santiago de Compostela but one can hope!

We continue to see many of the same people along the way, and way more Americans than I would have thought. Some of the people we have met are very interesting and some are quite odd. I am sure some of them say the same about us. I imagine we are known as the "laundry sisters" as we invariably have clothes hanging from our backpacks to dry. We just learned yesterday that many of the hotels will do laundry for you if you ask. It would be nice not to have to wash clothes in the sink for a change, so I am certainly going to look into that in the future.

We are in a relatively easy part of the journey, and while some find it dull I have found it rather peaceful. Today's walk was beautiful with perfect weather, lots of trees, easy terrain and very nice bathrooms along the route!

For anyone walking the Camino for solitude and quiet introspection, achieving that can prove quite difficult. There is way more socializing than this introvert is looking for. Some days I am more tired from chatting with people than from walking all day. I may have to start wearing AirPods even if I am not listening to anything.

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