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Counting Down

My fellow travelers and I begin the first leg of our journey exactly one month from today. It seems hard to believe, I feel like we have been planning it forever. The first leg of our journey consists of the three of us traveling by different means from different parts of the country to Newark International Airport. Then the next day we fly out of aforementioned airport to Paris. We are taking no chances given all of the issues with flying these days.

We are still trying to finalize our return trip and where we will go after spending a few days in Compostela. I am leaning strongly towards Paris, as suggested by my sister. Is there a better city in the world in which to celebrate one’s 60th birthday? I think not!!!

I have been pondering a lot lately what I hope to gain from this pilgrimage. I think of it as a life reboot. You know how when your internet goes down inexplicably, and when you call about it they tell you to shut it down for 10 minutes? Well, this is like that for my life. As I mentioned, I am going through a divorce, and while I have no intention of turning this blog into a diary of that situation, it is inevitable that my feelings about it will crop up from time to time. I’m sure it is what I will spend most of my time thinking about as I trek across Spain. It is the most difficult and painful thing I have ever done, and it feels likeI had to save myself by cutting off my arm, a la that movie with James Franco about the mountain climber.

Anyway, I’m very excited, and a tad nervous, but mostly just ready to get started!!

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