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Arrival in Santiago

I'm writing this post in a laundromat after having a sobbing meltdown when a woman walked in and took the last dryer 2 minutes before my wash was about to finish. Obviously I'm very emotional right now!! We arrived in Santiago on Monday, 10/24, in the rain which seems fitting. There are no words to describe how we felt as we rounded the corner and saw the cathedral and realized we successfully completed our 500-mile walk!

It has been a very challenging journey, as I have mentioned, physically, mentally and emotionally. I still have a lot to process and now I must face my real life which is fraught with uncertainty and instability. Luckily I will have some time in Paris to prepare.

Once I've recovered a bit (I'm still very tired) I will post in more detail about the last few days of our walk, and then I will wrap up this blog and we can all get on with our lives!!

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